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Our Farm, our motivation, our Ethics!

     JEM Organic Farm is an organically managed farm located just outside of Historic Rogersville TN. We are one of Tennessee's only Non GMO, No Hormones and No Antibiotics whole chicken and egg producers. We also produce Non GMO pork and goat meat. Our vegetables are grown in a traditional, healthy, and organic fashion, with no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides of any kind.

     Over the last several years we’ve read a lot of labels and found that a whole lot of the so-called “natural” foods on the market are not what they pretend to be! Whether it is GMO’s, high fructose corn syrup, pesticides or antibiotics, most things found in the grocery stores contain some of those.

     We (John and Elizabeth Malayter) strongly believe in the saying "you are what you eat", so, as we want you to be good, healthy, and beautifull, therfore we focus our efforts to provide you truely good, healthy and beautifull products.

Animals Policies:

      Non GMO Meat, No Hormones and no Antibiotics:

All our animals are raised without confinement and allowed to behave like...umm animals (wild!), meaning they root, scratch, eat grass and swim! We rotate each of our animals to clean fields often, offer the best hay we can manage and keep our pastures nice (as nice as possible). We raise them the way nature intended. Our feeling is that healthy, happy animals create a balanced farm and provide the best tasting meat and eggs.

All our animals are grown without hormones or antibiotics. We believe that both substances belong to the medical field and should not be consumed as a regular meal!

Our pigs are raised with the animal’s welfare in mind. Raised unconfined in our woods, they can root to their hearts content. These pigs are generally big! Over 400lbs, we feel raising them this way keep theme healthier, providing in addition a better meat taste and texture.

We raise our own hogs and goats with the same spirit, supplying various cuts of each. We also raise NON GMO Meat Birds including chicken, duck and turkey on occasion (thanks giving as one of theme :) ).

     Non GMO Eggs:

We also provide our customers with the finest pasture raised free range Eggs available to man. Our NON GMO chickens are cage free and unconfined, get moved every day to a new patch of grass. They are healthy and happy, which is why their eggs are so wonderful.

*The feed is tested at every batch from the supplier and carries the NON GMO Verified Label and there in NO Exception!

Vegetables Policies:

We have 2 unheated hoophouses which grow year'round as well as our outside fields which are primaraly used in the summer. We have a few fruit trees and some rasperry bushes as well as some strawberries!


The markets we are regularly attending:

Farmer's Market (Knoxville)

ETSU Farmer's Market

JBO Farmer's Market (Johnsborough)

 The shops retailing our products:

Three Rivers Market (knoxville)

 Place cooking delicious meals based on our products:

Good Golly Tamale (Knoxville)

The Crown Goose/Underground (Knoxville)

Wellington's (Johnson City)

Mainstreet (Johnsborough)

Blackthorn Club (Johnsborough)

Featuring Programs (educational, project, ...)

UT vegetable Production Program (Knoxville)

HelpX, looking for Helpers!


Our Happy Animals!