Getting back to our roots one seed at a time

Egg Epic Article about JEM Farm from Johnson City Press

Here's a great article about JEM Farm

Read this piece written by Paula Johnson in the current issue of Clinton Life on page 16-17. We are very proud to be included in this magazine.

Blackthorn Grille Menu

Check out the very talented chef James Allen at the Blackthorn Grille in Jonesborough. He uses JEM Farm Chicken in one of his fantastic dishes.



This informal way to stay in a private home offers you a way to see what farm life is all about.  You can join us, our daughter and our dogs, and visit for a couple days, or longer.  You are welcome to use our home as a base from which to visit the area, participate in Rythm and Roots in Bristol, or Blue Plum in Johnson City, or you may join us in feeding chickens, gathering eggs and harvesting from the hoop house , or planting ... Come see what is going on!

New Piglets

Pigs born in the field July 4th

New products

We don't always get a chance to update this page but if your a hankering for something please give us a shout or email to see what's on the board. You can always reach is through Facebook, email or phone.

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We offer FREE delivery to Bristol, Johnson City, Knoxville and their surrounding areas with orders over $100. Orders under $100 will be added a $10 delivery fee to cover gas.

Farmers Markets

The farmers market season is quickly coming to an end, which means we will only see us at Market Square Farmers Market till Nov 22 and the ETSU Farmers Market the last Thursday of October.

Water Catchment Program

Thanks to Brian Leib from the University Of Tennessee and all of his helpers who installed a system to collect water from our hoop house. It was great watching this go together and we're looking forward to watching it rain.

Chicken Processing

Our next processing date for chickens is August 13th, we'll be heading out to Sparta and visit our buddies at Niko and Co.

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon

Please inquire for Bacon, pre orders only. So CALL, what are you waiting, call, call.....


Do you like fresh dried herbs, I know you do! So what are you waiting for? Give us a holler and see what we have! Dried, and organic. Mint, sage, thyme, rosemary, marjerom, parsley and chives. Coming soon: camomile, raspberry leaves and calunda for medicinal purposes.

Come See Us Sometime

We offer a unconditional invitation for any and all to come to the farm and see how we do things. We want everyone to know that we mean what we say and say what we mean! We can prove it! so come'on out, we'll have some tea waitin for ya.

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UT Farmers' Market
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Three Rivers Market
Blackthorn Club
Greeneville Farmers Market
Jonesborough Farmers' Market

A Little About Us.

JEM Organic Farm is a Certified Organic Farm located just outside of Historic Rogersville TN. We are a small family run farm and grow certified organic produce and are one of Tennessee's only Non GMO whole chicken and egg producers as well as Non GMO pork and goat producer.

We have 2 unheated hoophouses which grow year'round as well as our outside fields which are primaraly used in the summer. We have a few fruit trees and some rasperry bushes as well as some strawberries for 2014!

We raise our own hogs and goats, supplying various cuts of each. We also raise NON GMO Meat Birds including chicken, duck and turkey on occasion. 

We do offer a CSA, usually in the summer months but this year we may offer one for the winter so stay tuned for more info.

All our animals are raised without confinement and allowed to behave like...umm animals, meaning they root, scratch, eat grass and swim! We rotate each of our animals to clean fields often, offer the best hay we can manage and keep our pastures as nice as possible.  We raise them the way nature intended. Our feeling is that healthy, happy animals create a balanced farm and provide the best tasting meat and eggs.

ALL OUR ANIMALS ARE FED 100% NON GMO FEED. This feed is tested at every batch from the supplier and carries the NON GMO Verified Label and there in NO Exception!

Why We Do Things Differently Than Most.

Over the last several years we’ve read a lot of labels and found that a whole lot of the so-called “natural” foods on the market are treated or contain altered ingredients. Whether it is GMO’s, high fructose corn syrup, pesticides or antibiotics, most things found in the grocery stores contain some of this stuff and frankly we are completely tired of filling our shelves with poor food choices and with foods that want to kill us!

So, yes we talk about GMO’s, we want to make everyone aware of what pesticides and herbicides can do to our bodies. The saying is "you are what you eat" is important to JEM Farm and should be important to anyone who occasionally eats.......!

Our Farm

Pictures around the Farm

We bought this as a shell and fixed it up as a brooder house for the broilers One of our poultry enclosure. Notice the red hand truck, this is how these get moved everyday so the birds get green grass. A stinky day

Here are some shots of our farm and chicken enclosures

Our Chicken Enclosure New raised bed outside hoophouse Big Ole' Pigs Yummy greens New Taters in raised beds
Lettuce heads in the hoop house New Bat Houses What? did someone say dinner? More lettuce


We also provide our customers with the finest pasture raised free range Eggs available to man. The feed we use contains NO GMO's and is purely natural. Our chickens are cage free and unconfined, get moved every day to a new patch of grass. They are healthy and happy, which is why their eggs are so wonderful.

Tending to the Hens They should NOT be standing there..... The "Hen House"


• Our pigs are also raised with the animal’s welfare in mind. Raised unconfined in our woods they can root to their hearts content. These pigs are generally big! Over 400lbs, we feel raising them this way provides a better meat taste, texture and healthier pig. • All our animals are never given hormones or antibiotics. Our family doesn't want to eat meat from animals treated with drugs and we feel you shouldn't either.

Big Mama Mamma  looking at young shoats. 
New Baby pigs, July 23, 2012 October 18 piggies.